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We help you increase your visibility and engage with your readers

Elokenz is a set of tools designed for bloggers as well as web journalists, content marketers or SEO consultants. We aim to help all content producers to increase their visibility and to engage with their readers. Elokenz developpers are currently working on new smart tools that will help you be more efficient and generate more traffic.

Social media management

Discover and manage your readers via social networks. Engage more people and turn them to evangelists.

Performance tracking

Track the evolution of your blog posts' virality. Discover the topics your readers prefer and share most.

Semantic validation

Check your content quality and coherence. Improve it for semantic indexing from search engines.

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Elokenz toolbox

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The smart automation tool

Get your content analyzed by an intelligent agent and reposted automatically on social networks when it has most chance to resonate. Your exposure lasts forever.

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New tools are currently in development.
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