Lead Developer – Web Development

About Elokenz

Elokenz is a young startup offering content marketing tools for bloggers and a solution for marketing agencies to increase their content's performance. The first available product is called Repost : it discovers the most performing content and reposts it on social media automatically over time.
Elokenz has the ambition to help businesses succeed with their content.

We plan to hire a lead developer to make our initial legacy code a thing of the past, to create a stable and scalable architecture, and to inspire the whole team with his/her amazing skills.

Position description

We are looking for a lead developer who would like to be involved in a promising project at an early stage.

This position requires knowledge at different levels of web development : devops (Docker), backend (Python : Django, Celery), frontend (our current framework is AngularJS).

You will be in charge of developing features, securing the application with tests and deploying to production. The project will likely require some R&D in machine learning and natural language fields.

We plan on raising funds in late 2017, so initial salary should not be important to you (you should already have some side income or savings).

Candidate Profile

You are passionate about web and you would like to build something meaningful in a promising startup at an early stage. You like intellectual challenges and you are constantly ready to learn about new fields: you may not be an expert at everything but you are fearless and you figure it out.

We foster (gender / cultural) diversity at Elokenz. So, if you feel better in a warm and mixed environment than in a cold GATACA-like startup, we will be happy to have you on board. You are 100% aligned with Elokenz core values : the Elokenz GLOBE (Generous, Learning, Ownership, Balance, Empathetic).

This sounds like little details here, but it's mandatory : You have skills in web development and one or several past experiences on similar projects.
You often use Python, HTML, CSS and Javascript and know that code should be well written, tested and documented. You have at least a few thousand commits history, and can take the lead on a project that will involve other coders.

If you are blogging, it's a plus.

The position

  • Reference : Full-stack
  • Compensation : ---
  • Location : Remote // Coworking space will be paid
  • Contact : Jean-Christophe Lavocat (CEO) – jobs@elokenz.com

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